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had a brief Twitter rant

Gentlemen, we need to talk about your brethren’s propensity on OKCupid to present what is likely their worst selves.

And the worst selves’ traits are usually disrespectful, idle, lazy, incurious, childish and devoid of anything worth communing with.

I believe that all potential life partners should witness us at our worst selves at some point, but not casual sex partners.

It is possible to weather worst selves when that interaction involves some basic respect. Not so much disrespectful, obnoxious attitudes.

When at your worst you can’t display a modicum of respect, you don’t really deserve to have people sticking around waiting for your best.

Although I feel the messages I receive are demonstrating baseline selves which, tbh, aren’t the least bit attractive, either.

People talk about women’s resting bitch faces. No one talks about men’s resting asshole mouths.

Thing is, women can read each other’s “bitch faces” and know them to be neutral. Men’s resting asshole mouths are indubitably fulla shit.

Even when they are trying to be nice, what comes out of those resting asshole mouths is still fulla shit.

men are proven to be capable of curtailing those asshole mouths, esp around other men they RESPECT

When I speak of the resting asshole mouth I speak of when they are in neutral gear like resting bitch faces

Judging by the re-tweets I’m guessing that “men’s resting asshole mouth” is resonating with a lot of people.

*looks at ass in mirror* I don’t understand why I had to go through a whole month of my mother insinuating I’m too fat and shouldn’t wear my fav skirts because they make me look bigger and whatnot like y’all I’m hella cute

Facebook gives uselessly trivial and vague information. “So-and-so liked your link.” Which link? I can sort of see why you might think I care, Facebook; Tumblr thinks I care whether people like the links I post and who reblogs what. The difference is that Tumblr lets me know which posts are liked and commented on so I can decide whether or not to care about that information. No wonder no one likes Facebook; how do you decide how to prioritize how many fucks you give to any given notification? 

And another thing, why should I care when someone else’s thing gets liked or commented on? What earthly purpose does it serve for that thing to get bumped up my feed when it’s not even being said by someone I care about? 

thought i plucked all the white hairs on my head last night, about five of them!

just now i found another three more!

i am very distressed by this turn of events

ugh downside of leaving your house dust-free for your vacation: the spiders move in. got a big yellow butt in my bathroom right now that made itself comfortable right where my door and doorjamb is so now I have a foot of web. I am now trying to convince it to get out.

Woo woo birthday party with tariqk, sisterofdusk, @werecows, munchkindiaries, maybethings and a couple other folks! YAY! My cousin continued to display her excellence with a cake for me. We played Politico. (I won!) My brother cooked way too much food, which is all right by me. I made mashed potatoes, but I don’t think it was as soft as it could have been. I neglected to take pictures, because we were too busy having fun. Bestnya. 

sisterofdusk and I are going to Hop Hop Cafe in SS18 Subang Jaya if any of you would like to join us!

meadow-of-grace replied to your chat:Jha: I shall make you a gunny sack for you to…

You live at Gasing Hill? That’s 5 mins away from me!

I live in Subang Jaya (old Subang), but we try to make it out to Gasing to hike every weekend. My dad does Saturdays and Sundays, around dawn. I join him one day of the weekend because I don’t have the stamina for more than one day in a row XD Gasing Hill’s just a fifteen-twenty minute drive from us :D

  • <my brother has developed the habit of bringing home p much all the rubber seeds he has found in the forest on Gasing Hill, where we go hiking. the fucking things are piling up>
  • <dad asked me to hem a piece of red cloth to make a banner with, so I decided to use the old house banner to test my skills at figuring out this super-old Janome machine>
  • Jha: I shall make you a gunny sack for you to carry around and carry your rubber seeds in.
  • Bro: I am not a Johnny Appleseed.
  • Jha: No... you shall be... Roy Rubbernuts!
  • Bro: ..... That's worse, actually.
  • Result: a fairly large bag with a nice drawstring and a strap which we can now refer to as a nutsack.

hi hi hi got home last night none the worse for the wear but the internet is so very limited because they switched the router and my computer can’t find the new system and bah. 

BUT! if my Malaysian followers wanna hang out with me sometime this month, feel free to fanmail / Ask me for my phone number! and don’t forget my birthday party coming up.

oops, cut my bangs too short again oh well