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hi hi hi got home last night none the worse for the wear but the internet is so very limited because they switched the router and my computer can’t find the new system and bah. 

BUT! if my Malaysian followers wanna hang out with me sometime this month, feel free to fanmail / Ask me for my phone number! and don’t forget my birthday party coming up.

oops, cut my bangs too short again oh well

My mother decided to commandeer the phone from my dad to first have a conversation about her shop’s move and then suddenly it went to my daily frumpiness, my haircut, some strange idea that my students will disrespect me if they see how I’m dressed outside the classroom, the necessity of looking for a partner because “you have a clock ticking”.

I have half a mind to show her my OKCupid Adventures archive to demonstrate to her that in this market it really ain’t worthwhile. 

Shall I liveblog another movie tonight?

i don’t understand how people can like dogs like pugs with bulging eyes and shar peis with weird folds of skin and bulldogs don’t get me fucking started on bulldogs 

but when i say i like chinese crested hairless dogs they immediately google and they call the nice-looking ones weird and shriek at the ugly badly-kept ones, which, duh, if you keep a dog badly then yes it’s going to develop all sorts of ugly-making conditions this is normal for dogs? 


hey remember when Cheetara had really big thighs and powerful hips 
not that most fanart ever care about those hips 
but those hips y’all

hey remember when Cheetara had really big thighs and powerful hips 

not that most fanart ever care about those hips 

but those hips y’all

Wait, SDCC picspam not over yet.

- So there are these rickshaws in the Gaslamp Quarter and these guys were dressed up as OUAT’s hook and dressed up their rickshaws to look like pirate ships. Better than the GOT rickshaws, IMO.

- There was totally a Sleepy Hollow exhibit in the Petco Part with Headless Horsemen walking around which I did not go check out because I was too tired everytime I went to the Petco Park. 

- The WETA exhibit, with its Smaug that blinks, and Dr. Grordbort’s gallery of rayguns because every good steampunk needs to go see those rayguns at least once.

- THE BLACK PANEL, when at the door and after they took their seats.

- I still have no context for these guys but they were pretty great.

- The Legend of Mantamaji booth, just because I could. 

- gratuitous selfie of writersyndrome and me in our steampunk best on Friday ^^

wikipedia says this movie tanked 

i can see why 

it’s about a lady on a hero’s journey to free Hell from tyranny, save her geek boyfriend and her mother

and she is super single-minded about it. 

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  • Text from Friend: Hey Jaymee, what's up?
  • Me: Not much. There was some pigeon-humping on the tree outside my window but the moment passed. You?
  • Me after sending the text: That probably isn't within the general conventions of ordinary conversation....

So this just happened outside my window. I took a short 7s vid of it and then they starting hopping away from each other. They’re kinda sitting all embarrassed on the branch now.