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[TRIGGER WARNING] Knock knock, who’s there, rape.





But, it’s funny, right, because rape? Because rape is one of the single most horrific things a person can go through, right? Funny, yeah? Because survivors have to hear this all the time from every person who thinks they’re being edgy, right, when all they’re doing is maintaining the status quo in one of the most insidious and damaging ways, right? Funny. Because your set’s not complete without a rape joke, right? Haha. Because survivors just don’t have enough people minimising the damage that rape does, and making them invisible, and making rape normal, and acceptable, and haha, because rape.

Fuck you, you thundering shitstick.

Rape is not a punchline.

By making a rape joke you state fucking clearly that you could not be further from truly understanding that victims of rape exist, that victims of sexual, violent and emotional abuse exist, that victims of child molestation and abuse exist. You tread on us, asshole. You tell us we don’t matter, that our experience doesn’t matter to you. You make your joke, stomping all over the survivors, victims and sufferers of this torture because you are ignorant, you are privileged, and you do not care.

Just because people joke about something doesn’t mean they don’t care about it, it just means they want to make people laugh for a few second and forget all the shitty things in the world. I may joke about black people, but it doesn’t mean I hate them and am hoping for a second holocaust. I know rape is bad, but a joke should not be taken seriously.

Because rape is fucking hilarious, as is racism.

Seriously, do you actually pay attention to the words you spout or just sort of say them?

Joking about rape normalises it.

Rapists (much like racists!) think that everyone else is the same as them. They don’t see non-consent as an issue. They think that when people react with horror it’s an overreaction, said just to fit in.


Bitches deserve what they get. Men can’t say no. She’s not a real woman so it’s not rape, right brah? He’s got a vagina, yeah, what a fucking freak, right? I’m going to put you in your place you fucking faggot, I’m a real man, they’re my partner- they’re always up for it, well ze’s not saying no, she’s a slut, ey can’t tell so it doesn’t matter, she’s so old no one will believe her; who’d fuck a dried up prune like that, she was asking for it look at that fucking skirt for fuck’s sake, he can barely stand up but heyyy looks like he’s got a boner, wanna have fun big guy you’re a real man right, the dyke’s just fucking fridged; do her and she’ll realise what she’s missing, yeah, yeah yeah

Your hahahaha bro, she said no but fuck that right, ahahaha? Hahahaa, yeah, they raped me hard ahahahaa, man I’m gonna rape your face so bad man!

Yeah, doesn’t exactly do much to disabuse them of that notion.


“Our research demonstrates that exposure to sexist humor can create conditions that allow men – especially those who have antagonistic attitudes toward women – to express those attitudes in their behavior…The acceptance of sexist humor leads men to believe that sexist behavior falls within the bounds of social acceptability.”


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    I think a lot of people on facebook who decide to put rape jokes as their status should fucking realise this.
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