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jesus christ i never realized how many of the voice actors on avatar are white



i mean, there’s dante basco and mako—-

WHOA, JUST GOT THAT— mako in legend of korra is named after the voice actor who played uncle iroh until he passed? omgggg

but all the other main characters (or most of them? i think?) are white. according to imdb.

i… okay.

i know, right? that’s the one thing i struggle with the very very most. is that two of the strongest indigenous women characters on television have been voiced by two white women. i know the total babe from hawai’i 5O has voiced a couple of characters, and in the last airbender, the guy who plays the govenor who put aang on trial was used repeatedly through the show and is a pretty prolific actor.

but that’s about it, that are the major characters at least. it makes me wonder if they don’t have much of a budget for voice actors, so they can’t put the effort into training a new actor like we’ve seen in other situations (like: pixar trained several kids, including the voice of kid in UP)—i don’t think many of the people whose voice talent they use were brand spanking new. and if it’s an industry dominated by white folks, then it becomes one of those “never challenged” situations.

but either way, it surprised me too, cuz they’ve been SO good about working with and empowering the artists they work with in korea, and making sure that korean talent is throughout the entire process—it’s surprising that they don’t have access to korean voice talent at the very least…

The voice acting pool is pretty small, and I feel for some reason producing companies don’t feel it necessary to widen the pool, because it’s not like people notice anyway, or something like that. (This is how Jim Cummings is in like almost every cartoon from the 90’s.) It is totally an industry dominated by white folks, but there are POC here and there (Keith Richards, anybody?).

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    ^ Only I’m not too big a fan of Korra’s VA, when it comes to emoting.
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    Keith David is the PoC actor who does the voice of Goliath (and a whole bunch of other stuff). David Keith is the white...
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    Except it is FALSE that people of color as voice actors are rare in voice acting whether it be theme playing people of...
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    negro, did you just say pointing out the fact POC are still rare as fuck in showbiz and characters get whitewashed left...
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    how often do POC VA for white characters anyway?
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    This something we struggle with, too. There is an article on our site on the Asian American actors in Avatar who were...
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    How do you not notice George Takei’s mellifluous and measured tones even tho masked by those sinister lines!!!!!
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    Really interesting reading the above, and it’s not something to which I’d ever given much thought, BUT, I just wanted to...
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    Did you mean David Keith (voice of Goliath)? And yes, from what I understand it’s very hard to break into voice acting...
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  22. spookyscarymulder said: When the DBZ guy and Wendy Lee came to Knightrocon they couldn’t stress enough how much the VA community needs more POC to get into voice acting bc of how understated they are in representation/how their roles are given to the same people over&over.
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    Kelly Hu from Hawaii 5.0 does a lot of voice-over work (she’s Cheshire and Paula Nguyen on Young Justice) and Maggie Q...
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    I think you mean Keith David (who is awesome). Keith Richards isn’t a voice actor and is most definitely white. But...
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